Summer Meeting Info

Date: August 1st – 3rd

Location: Horseshoe Bay, TX

Online Registration

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By Phone (877) 611-0112 option 4

Wednesday,  August 1
3:30 -5:00 Registration
5:30- 7:30 Welcome Reception (Travertine & Patio)
6:30  (Fun Night Games to Raise Funds for FACT Fund)

Thursday, August 2
7:00- 8:30  Breakfast provided courtesy of TAIA (Salon F)
7:15 Executive Committee Meeting (Closed Meeting Salon GH))
8:15  Welcome  Matt Murphree (Salon E)
8:30  Update on Current Issues (Salon E)      
8:45   Administrative Committee / Chairman James Hopkins (Salon GH)
9:45   Conference Committee (Salon E)
10:15 Membership Committee (Salon GH)
10:45 Legal Defense Fund Committee (Salon E)
11:15  Nominating Committee / Chairman Noble Laminack  (Closed Meeting Salon GH))
Lunch (Not Provided)
1:30  Marketing and Communication Committees (Salon E)
2:30  Governmental and Regulatory Committees (Salon GH)
5:30 Reception and dinner (Quail Point* / Brandenberger Rib Eyes)

Friday, August 3
7:00- 8:30  Breakfast  provided courtesy of TAIA (Salon F)
8:30 Board Meeting (Salon GH)  (Everyone is invited)

*Quail Point is located on the Horseshoe Bay Property.